Sunday, January 23, 2011


FACEBOOK is being blamed for a growing number of marriage splits - as love rats are caught online.

A lawyer told yesterday how EVERY divorce she has dealt with in the past nine months has involved the social networking website. Married partners can be tempted to cheat as they meet other users. But even flirty messages and photos of new lovers after a split are being used by bitter exes as ammunition in divorce proceedings.

Now lawyers are advising warring couples to stop using Facebook and sites such as Second Life, Illicit Encounters and Friends Reunited until legal proceedings are finalised. Emma Patel, of Hart Scales & Hodges Solicitors, in Dorking, Surrey, has dealt with 30 divorces since May - and all involved Facebook. She said: "Suspicious spouses have used it to spy and find evidence of flirting and even affairs, which have then led to break-ups." And she warned against "public slagging matches" on the site. She said: "We advise feuding couples to avoid these sites until their divorces are settled."

Source: thesun 22 Jan 2011