Sunday, April 25, 2010

Maut jatuh apartmen elak ditangkap khalwat

KUALA LUMPUR: Hanya kerana mahu mengelak ditangkap berkhalwat, seorang pemuda terbunuh selepas terjatuh dari rumah sewa teman wanitanya di tingkat lima Apartmen Jelutong, Selayang Heights, di sini awal pagi semalam.

Dalam kejadian jam 1.40 pagi itu, mangsa yang berusia 21 tahun dan masih menuntut di Kolej Kouniti Selayang dikatakan cuba mengelak ditahan dengan melarikan diri melalui tingkap sebaik pintu rumah diketuk sepasukan pegawai pencegah maksiat dari Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor (Jais). Bagaimanapun, pemuda itu dipercayai tergelincir ketika cuba meniti tembok luar bangunan yang licin sebelum terjatuh dan mayatnya ditemui terperosok dalam longkang di tingkat bawah pangsapuri berkenaan.

Timbalan Ketua Polis Daerah Gombak, Superintendan Rosly Hassan, ketika dihubungi mengesahkan kejadian itu dan memaklumkan pelajar terbabit mati di tempat kejadian akibat kecederaan parah di kepala dan beberapa bahagian badan.

“Berdasarkan keterangan pegawai (Jais) terbabit, mereka melakukan serbuan ke rumah itu selepas mendapat maklumat ada aktiviti maksiat di situ. Bagaimanapun, ketika mengetuk pintu rumah berkenaan, mereka terdengar bunyi seperti objek jatuh.

“Pintu kemudian dibuka seorang gadis Melayu, dipercayai teman wanita mangsa dan didapati tingkap rumah itu terbuka. Curiga dengan keadaan itu, pegawai terbabit memeriksa ke luar tingkap dan mendapati ada seorang lelaki terperosok dalam longkang,” katanya.

Hasil siasatan polis mendapati tiada unsur jenayah dalam kes berkenaan yang diklasifikasikan sebagai mati mengejut. Mayat mangsa dihantar ke Hospital Selayang untuk bedah siasat dan sudah dituntut warisnya untuk dikebumikan. Katanya, teman wanita mangsa yang turut menuntut di kolej sama kini ditahan oleh Jais untuk siasatan. 

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Maya Karin Says “No to Coal Plants in Sabah

Petaling Jaya, 5th March 2010: Almost a year after supporting Earth Hour 2009, popular actress and entertainer Maya Karin recently highlighted her concern about climate change by signing the “Say No to Coal Plants in Sabah” petition.

“Climate change is considered to be one of the biggest threats facing nature and humanity today. We must explore using alternative, green energy sources to help mitigate climate change and preserve the planet for the future generation. Malaysia has been blessed with a rich natural heritage, and we should pour our efforts into conserving our natural treasures,” said Maya Karin.

“It says a lot about the level of concern when you have celebrities such as Maya Karin stepping up to sign this petition,” stated Dr. Rahimatsah Amat, WWF-Malaysia’s Borneo Programme Chief Technical Officer, who commended the well known Malaysian figure for her courage to stand up for climate change issues.

The petition was launched by a coalition of local Non-Governmental Organisations in Sabah late last year to urge the Government to opt for alternative energy solutions for the State’s urgent energy woes. Members of the public have been signing up at Green SURF’s members’ offices and events.  There is also an online version which can be signed by visiting the webpage.

Images of pregnant rhino captured by devices

CONSERVATION PLAN NEEDED: Pictures of the pregnant rhino captured on camera-trap devices. — Photo courtesy of WWF-Malaysia /Borneo Species Programme

KOTA KINABALU: Images of the near-extinct Sumatran rhino believed to be a pregnant female and estimated to be below 20 years old, was captured by Sabah Wildlife Department (SWD) and WWF-Malaysia’s remote camera trap devices recently.

This strengthens the argument to maintain and improve the enforcement and security of the forest and wildlife reserves in this part of the region. Presently, the rhino population is estimated to be less than 30 in Borneo, said International Rhino expert Dr Terri Roth.

“It would be wonderful if this female is pregnant, since there are so few Sumatran rhinos left in the world that each calf represents a lifeline for the species.” SWD director Dr Laurentius Ambu highlights the importance of strong and co-ordinated enforcement in the forest and wildlife reserves by the relevant government agencies and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in order to ensure the survival of this species in the Borneo’s forests.

Another group is conned by Sabah free-lance tour agents

Kota Kinabalu: Some 15 tourists from the peninsula and Singapore claim their hopes of scaling Mt Kinabalu were dashed after being conned by a lady freelance tour agent here.The agent failed to refund the money due to them amounting to RM14,000 despite repeated promises. The amount is inclusive of their air fares, hotel accommodation and the two days-one night climb, among others.

This is the second time that such a complaint has surfaced. Sometime back, a group of peninsula tourists lodged a police report in Tg Aru about having paid a similar sum to climb the mountain but were stranded once in Sabah with no hope of a refund either. The tour agent in that case committed suicide.

In the latest case, the group lodged a report with Sabah Tourism Board (STB) as well as the police and were shocked when STB staff attending to their complaint apparently told them that such happenings were quite common. The group's spokesperson, Daniel Pang, said they had booked the tour package through the said tour agent who was operating under a local tour agency here on June 3, 2009 following a recommendation from a friend who had previously used and was impressed with her services.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Bung Moktar pleads guilty to polygamy without consent

KUALA LUMPUR (April 20, 2010): The Member of Parliament for Kinabatangan, Datuk Bung Moktar Radin and his wife, actress Zizie Izette Abdul Samad, pleaded guilty at the Gombak Timur Lower Syariah Court, here to the charge of committing polygamy without the court's permission, at the end of last year.

Bung Moktar, 51, was accused of committing the offence with Zizie, 31, at house No 12, Jalan TC2B/3 Cemerlang Heights, Taman Melati, Gombak at 8.50pm on Dec 16, last year. He was charged under Section 124 of the Islamic Family Law Enactment (State of Selangor) No.2 Year 2003 which provides for a fine of not more than RM1,000 or a jail term of not more than six months or both. Zizie was also charged under Section 40 (2) of the same Enactment for marrying Bung Moktar without the consent of the Registrar of Marriage, Divorce and Reconciliation at the same place, time and date.

In addition, Zizie was also accused of abetting Bung Moktar in committing polygamy without consent of the court while Bung Mokhtar was accused of abetting Zizie in marrying without the court's consent. Syarie judge Wan Mahyuddin Wan Muhammad later released the couple on oral bail of RM500 each with one guarantor each and fixed May 18 for counsel Amli Embong, who represented the couple, to submit mitigation in writing. Selangor Syariah Division Public Prosecutor Shafezan Rusli appeared for the prosecution.

7,700ha of plantations ruined by drought

KOTA KINABALU: As much as 7,700 hectares of plantations have been ruined as a result of the drought early this year, said Deputy Chief Minister and Minister of Agriculture & Food Industries, Datuk Seri Panglima Yahya Hussin yesterday.

He estimated that the damages caused 2,371 farmers to lose RM5.5 million. He said this during the question and answer session in response to a question from Lumadan assemblyman, Kamarlin Haji Ombi. The plantations affected were located within the Nabawan/Pensiangan, Lahad Datu, Kinabatangan, Tenom, Semporna, Beaufort and Pitas districts and were mostly fruit plantations (5,000 hectares), hill rice (2,200 hectares) and rice (500 hectares).

He added that the ministry would aid the farmers by providing planting materials to farmers that have lost their crops due to the drought caused by the El-Nino phenomenon since June 2009. The aid will be given to farmers that have been approved by the ministry when they are rebuilding their land.

Meanwhile, Hussin said that RM50,000 has been appropriated to the agriculture office in Kunak for the restoration of the workers’ quarters there. However, the Agriculture Department would not be adding any vehicles to the Kunak district office until sufficient vehicles have been obtained by the department.
He said this in response to Kunak assemblyman, Datuk Nilwan Kabang’s question.

Source New Sabah Times April 20, 2010

Sabah to have 278 telco towers


Kota Kinabalu: A total of 278 of the 873 telecommunication towers to be erected in the country will be put up in Sabah. "The building of more these telecommunication towers is expected to enhance the coverage of cellular services in Malaysia," said Resource Development and Information Technology Assistant Minister, Datuk Jainab Ahmad.

She said this in reply to a question from Sekong assemblyman Datuk Samsudin Yahya during question time at the State Legislative Assembly here on Monday. "About 97 per cent of the populated areas in the nation would be covered by the telco services, which will also be a stepping stone to bring in the portable broadband services through High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), WiMax (Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access) especially to the rural and interior residents," she said.

The broadband penetration rate in Sabah stood at 16 per cent up to March 31 this year, she said, adding this only covered households. To increase the rate, she said the government has lined up various initiatives for more areas in the nation to be covered by broadband services. Among the steps that have been implemented, she said are the launching of a High Speed Broadband (HSBB) project to meet the needs of areas with high economic impact and Broadband General Public (BBGP) to meet public needs for Internet facilities particularly in the rural and remote areas. Jainab said the government has also drawn up four main initiatives to be carried out in rural areas. Among them are:

1. Distribution of Notebook computers worth RM1 billion to underprivileged and low-income people in the country.

2. Providing broadband services through Community Broadband Centres (PJK) under a '1 house, 1 broadband' concept that will involving 615,000 households in 246 areas in the nation.

3. People's Internet Centres will be established in 138 Information Offices in the country to spread the benefits of using broadband services to local communities.

4. To ensure each resident especially in areas with less coverage will get full Internet access with e-kiosks in community centres built in 1,105 Mukim in the country. To Samsudin's question on broadband coverage in Sandakan and Sekong, Jainab said the rate for Sandakan stood at 9.84 per cent during the third quarter of 2009.

Among the areas covered by broadband services, she said, are Labuk, Karamunting, Elopura, Tanjung Papat and Sungai Sibuga including some areas of Sekong and Gum-Gum. Meanwhile, Infrastructure Development Minister Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan said the State Government has forwarded a plan to build a dam in Tawau as a priority project to be considered under the 10th Malaysia Plan (10MP). He was replying to a question from Sri Tanjung assemblyman Jimmy Wong who asked whether the State Government could build the dam that has been approved for Tawau under the 10MP without waiting for funding from the Federal Government. Pairin said constructing the project involves high costs and based on early discussions with the Federal Government, the chances of procuring the funding were bright. 

Source New Sabah Times April 20, 2010

Sunday, April 18, 2010

TV report tarnishes good image of Sandakan — Au Kam Wah

SANDAKAN: The incorrect coverage of the entertainment and karaoke industry by ntv7 last month has adversely affected business and tarnished the good image of this town, said Elopura assemblyman Au Kam Wah. He pointed out the television station had painted a negative image which is inaccurate and unfair to the people here and the entertainment and karaoke business community.

“We do have genuine and honest entertainment and karaoke pub operators who are running a decent place providing entertaining and relaxing services. “It is also a place for a social gathering,” said Au when commenting on the raids by the Immigration Department on entertainment outlets here on March 24. Au said nightly raids by the police on the entertainment and karaoke outlets had affected their business and deprived others a descent place to relax and enjoy entertainment.

Facebook mudah jadi jerat kes tipu

LAMAN web sosial sepatutnya bermatlamat menambah kenalan di samping mudah berhubung serta menghimpunkan sahabat yang dipisahkan oleh kedudukan geografi. Namun, pelbagai salah faham serta kejadian buruk membabitkan laman sosial itu terutama Facebook sejak kebelakangan ini sedikit sebanyak mencalarkan kredibilitinya sebagai wadah penghubung nombor satu dunia.

Penipuan, tohmahan dan kata-kata hasutan bertujuan menggugat ketenteraan awam, skandal seks dan perbuatan menjatuhkan imej seseorang antara isi kandungan Facebook yang perlu diberi perhatian dan dinilai semula

Pelayar setia laman web itu yang juga seorang pelajar, Syafika Mohd Ghazi, 20, mengaku taksub dengan Facebook sehingga kerugian kira-kira RM2,000 akibat ditipu kenalan laman web sosial.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Syurga flora & fauna

JIKA Afrika terkenal dengan safari, Malaysia boleh berbangga dengan Santuari Hidupan Liar Hilir Kinabatangan yang diselia Jabatan Hidupan Liar Sabah. Meskipun tidak menjanjikan peluang mengintai kuda belang atau harimau, ia memberi peluang melihat hidupan liar dalam habitat semula jadi di kawasan seluas lebih 26,000 hektar. Ini kerana sungai sepanjang 560 kilometer (km) mengalir dari banjaran pergunungan sehingga ke Laut Sulu menjadi tumpuan kepada hidupan unik termasuk monyet probosis dan gajah pigmi yang hanya terdapat di Borneo.

Justeru, tidak hairanlah ramai menganggap hilir kawasan Kinabatangan Sukau seperti zoo safari menyimpan khazanah flora dan fauna yang tidak ternilai harganya. Ada lebih 1,000 spesies tumbuhan, 250 spesies burung, 90 spesies reptilia dan 50 spesies mamalia.  Malah, sehingga kini, ia menjadi beberapa tempat di dunia untuk menyaksikan 10 spesies primat atau mamalia peringkat tinggi dengan paling popular adalah monyet probosis. 

Dikenali bangkatan atau monyet Belanda di kalangan warga tempatan, si jantan digelar 'playboy' kerana hidup bersama tiga atau empat monyet betina. Ciri uniknya terletak pada hidungnya yang panjang dan ia memiliki keistimewaan tapak kaki besar dan boleh berenang. Haiwan ini banyak dilihat bergayut di pokok hutan di tepi Sungai Menanggul, salah satu anak Sungai Kinabatangan, antara jam 4 dan 6 petang ketika mencari tempat tinggal.

Orang utan antara spesies yang dikagumi kerana ia gemar berada di pohon hutan yang tinggi di samping tidak mendiami satu-satu kawasan untuk tempoh begitu lama turut boleh ditemui di sini. Orang utan lazimnya banyak kelihatan untuk memetik buah ara berwarna merah dan biru yang tumbuh di sepanjang tebing terutamanya apabila tiba musim buah. Tetapi jika teringin mendekati hidupan unik ini, pengunjung boleh menempah pakej lawatan menyusuri denai hutan untuk melihat orang utan berhampiran Kampung Sukau.

Jika langkah kanan, pelancong dapat menyaksikan gajah pigmi yang hanya boleh dilihat di Borneo. Menjadi subspesies gajah Asia, hidupan yang bersaiz lebih kecil dalam keluarganya itu kini antara tarikan utama ke Sabah. Namun, jika mereka lebih 'bertuah', mungkin dapat melihat kelibat buaya air masin atau kucing hutan. Bunyinya mungkin agak menggerunkan, tetapi bagi sesetengah orang, ia pengalaman seumur hidup. Bagi pencinta burung terutama dari United Kingdom, Eropah, Australia dan Jepun, ramai yang berkampung di pedalaman Sabah ini hanya untuk melihat kelibat lebih 200 jenis burung termasuk lapan jenis enggang.

Seperkara yang menarik perhatian, kerajaan negeri giat mempromosi ekopelancongan di Kinabatangan. Ini dapat dilihat menerusi beberapa program pemuliharaan yang dijalankan dengan kerjasama beberapa kemudahan penginapan di sini. Pelancong yang tinggal di Sukau Rainforest Lodge umpamanya diajak menyertai kempen menanam anak pokok di kawasan seluas 64 hektar di Tenegang. Pokok ditanam termasuk dari jenis bangkal kuning, binuang, tangkol, laran, talisai paya dan pengolaban.

Miso Walai Homestay pula memainkan peranan sosial dengan membantu penduduk pedalaman terutama di Batu Puteh dan menjalankan kerja pemuliharaan di sekitar kawasan hilir Kinabatangan. Amat popular di kalangan pelancong asing, program inap desa ini membuka peluang untuk mendekati budaya cara hidup warisan nenek moyang mereka seperti amalan berburu menggunakan peralatan tradisional.

Cara Ke Sana 

Perjalanan melalui darat dari Sandakan ke Sukau yang  meliputi sejauh 135 km dan sejauh 42 km daripada perjalanan ini melalui jalan batu kerikil yang melintasi ladang kelapa sawit.  Pemanduan sejauh  350 km  dari Kota Kinabalu juga boleh dibuat akan tetapi pemanduan tersebut akan memakan masa sekurang-kurangnya enam jam.  Khidmat pengangkutan boleh diaturkan dengan pihak pengendali pelancongan  tempatan
Untuk sampai ke kawasan Sukau di Hilir Kinabatangan pula, sama ada menerusi perjalanan menaiki bot memakan masa dua jam atau menggunakan van menerusi ladang kelapa sawit sehingga tiba ke jeti sebelum menaiki bot selama 15 minit. Pelancong dinasihatkan menempah pakej percutian menyeluruh merangkumi penginapan, makanan dan pengangkutan terlebih dulu bagi mengelakkan kesulitan.
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Participation By Departments & Agencies Are Low In Sukau

Sukau Assemblyman Saddi Abdul Rahman want more government departments and agencies that can attend to people's problem to be involved in future Juara Rakyat program in Sukau. He said participation by government departments and agencies in the recent program held in Kg Sukau was not encouraging.

He said the Kinabatangan Umno organized the Juara Rakyat program, which is a monthly event with different themes, like in Kg Sukau to cater to people's needs."About 12 booths were set up and among them were Kinabatangan District Office, Kinabatangan Umno division, Kinabatangan Umno Youth, Wanita and Puteri Umno,people's Development Leader Unit for Sukau, Agriculture Department, Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and Election Commission (SPR).

"These few government department departments and agencies are important but not really relevant to attend to the problems of Sukau people who face many-land issues."Unfortunately, there was no Land and Survey Department booth in the program where the people of Sukau could have met officers and inquire the status of their land applications and looked for answers another related land issues," Saddi said.

Lapan disyaki seludup petrol ditahan

Anggota Pasukan Gerakan Marin memeriksa bot yang ditahan bersama 200 bekas kosong diisi petrol di Lahad Datu.

LAHAD DATU 16 April - Pasukan Gerakan Marin (PGM) menahan lapan lelaki dan merampas 600 liter petrol yang cuba diseludup keluar dalam dua operasi di perairan Pulau Gaya, dekat sini, semalam. Timbalan Komander PGM Sabah, Supritendan Wan Shazali Wan Abdul Rahman berkata, dalam operasi pertama, polis menahan enam lelaki berusia antara 14 dan 44 tahun dan merampas bot mereka yang dilengkapi 200 bekas kosong untuk mengisi minyak. "Hasil siasatan awal, kita percaya mereka ini terlibat dalam aktiviti penyeludupan minyak ke negara jiran berdasarkan rampasan 200 bekas gelen kosong di dalam bot tersebut," katanya. Beliau berkata demikian pada sidang akhbar di Pangkalan PGM Lahad Datu, di sini, hari ini. 

Hadir sama Pegawai Pemerintah Markas Operasi PGM Lahad Datu, Asisten Supritendan Rusdin Banin. Beliau berkata, semua lelaki berkenaan diserahkan ke Balai Polis Lahad Datu untuk tindakan selanjutnya. Katanya, kes disiasat di bawah Akta Imigresen kerana semua lelaki yang ditahan itu tidak memiliki dokumen perjalanan diri. Sementara itu, dalam operasi berasingan, Wan Shazali berkata, pihaknya menahan dua lelaki dan merampas sebuah bot yang membawa muatan 600 liter petrol. Katanya, kes tersebut disiasat di bawah Akta Kawalan Bekalan 1961.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Orang-Utan Bridge

The young male orang-utan is captured on camera crossing over a small tributary of the Kinabatangan using an orang-utan rope bridge.

KINABATANGAN: The orang-utan bridge project to reconnect isolated orang-utan populations within the Kinabatangan has obtained conclusive proof of success recently via photographic evidence. “Over the years we have received numerous local eye witness reports of the orang-utans using these rope bridges but this is the first time we have received photographic evidence which clearly shows a young male orang-utan using the first rope bridge we constructed in 2003 to cross over Resang river, a small tributary of Kinabatangan ,” stated primatologist, Dr. Isabelle Lackman, Co-Director of the Kinabatangan Orang-utan Conservation Project (KOCP) in a press statement.

The statement was jointly released by the Sabah Wildlife Department and French non-governmental organisation HUTAN yesterday. The photographs were obtained from a member of the local community, Ajirun Osman @ Aji who took the pictures February this year. According to Ajirun, the young male orang-utan spent about 20 minutes at the rope bridge tree before actually crossing over.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Remaja maut ditikam

SANDAKAN: Seorang remaja lelaki maut akibat ditikam dengan senjata tajam dipercayai selepas terbabit dalam pergaduhan di Jalan Tiga di Bandar Sandakan hari ini. Ketua Polis Daerah Sandakan ACP Rosli Mohd Isa berkata mangsa yang dikenali sebagai Asdi Anwar, 18, seorang warga Indonesia ditemui terbaring di lantai berhampiran sebuah kedai pakaian dalam keadaan berlumuran darah oleh orang awam kira-kira 3 pagi.

Katanya mangsa kemudian dihantar ke Hospital Duchess of Kent Sandakan tetapi meninggal dunia dua jam kemudian akibat cedera parah di perut.Siasatan masih dijalankan dan polis mengklafikasikan kes itu sebagai bunuh.Sehubungan itu, beliau meminta orang awam yang mempunyai maklumat mengenai kejadian itu supaya menghubungi polis atau datang ke balai polis berhampiran. 
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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A python like no other

Lahad Datu: This python of extraordinary length and weight was found while clearing an area in Lahad Datu recently.It was already dead due to injury to its head by an excavator.A Wildlife Department spokesman said its officers went to the site of the discovery and met the contractor who was new and could not provide much info such as what had happened to it. There are rumors in Facebook that it fetched a price of over RM20,000.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Broadband.! Semakin Luas, Semakin Penipu. Yea ka Nie?

PENIPU… Papantanda ini adalah papantanda sebenar yang didirikan di bulatan Jalan Tengah Nipah off Kastam Baru Lahad Datu; tetapi cogankata asalnya, ‘Semakin Luas @ Wilayah Celcom Broadband’ ditukarkan kepada ‘Semakin Luas @ Semakin Penipu’ sebagai tanda protes penduduk Lahad Datu terhadap Sistem Jalur Lebar Celcom

KEGHAIRAHAN Celcom yang menerajui sistem jalur lebar negara untuk melebarkan sayapnya ke Lahad Datu yang mempunyai masalah pancaran kurang jelas, akibat sistem yang belum dikemaskini; menimbulkan kemarahan para pengguna broadband di daerah ini.

Seorang pengguna broadband, Sitta Sarah, 26, ketika menghubungi berkata beliau mendaftar broadband di Celcom Lahad Datu sebulan yang lalu dengan bayaran RM100 sebagai yuran pendaftaran.

Namun sejak daripada pendaftaran tersebut beliau seringkali gagal menggunakan broadband atau gagal mendapat capaian ke mana-mana server sekalipun talian pada komputer ribanya kelihatan stabil antara tiga hingga empat ‘line’ (capaian) pada setiap masa.
Sitta yang menetap di Taman Warisan 1, Jalan Tengah Nipah, Lahad Datu langsung tidak dapat menggunakan broadbandnya di rumah kerana langsung tidak ada talian atau hanya satu atau dua garis capaian sahaja.

“Apa gunanya saya membayar RM68 sebulan jika broadband yang dibekalkan kepada saya gagal mengakses sebarang talian internet? Kalau di bandar kadang-kadang boleh capai, tapi di gerai saya di Dam dan rumah saya, langsung tiada line,” ujar Sitta Sarrah yang baru menjelaskan bil bulan kedua sejumlah RM98 (termasuk caj pelbagai) pada petang tadi.

Hapuskan Penyakit Serang Kelapa Sawit

SANDAKAN: Ketua Menteri Datuk Seri Musa Haji Aman meminta Lembaga Minyak Sawit Malaysia (MPOB) untuk membentuk kumpulan saintis dan penyelidik bagi mengatasi penyakit kepala sawit Ganoderma untuk jangka panjang tanaman itu.

Ia penyakit yang membimbangkan yang mampu menjadi ancaman besar kepada industri ladang kelapa sawit dan pengeluaran minyak sawit. Jika tiada rawatan, 80 peratus tanaman boleh mati separuh hayatnya dan kerugian boleh dianggarkan antara 25 dan 45 peratus penghasilan buah tandannya.

Dalam ucapannya pada seminar mengenai Penyakit Ganoderma Kelapa Sawit di Malaysia timur, anjuran Persatuan Penanam-Penanam Kelapa Sawit Malaysia Timur (EMPA), Ketua Menteri berkata berdasarkan laporan menunjukkan penyakit itu sudah berada lebih separuh ladang di Semenanjung dan beliau difahamkan setakat ini langkah-langkah yang hanya diambil mengurangkan risiko dan mengawal penyakit itu. Ucapan Ketua Menterri disampaikan oleh Menteri Pembangunan Perindustrian, Datuk Raymond Tan Shu Kiah.

Musa yang juga Menteri Kewangan berkata banyak ladang kelapa sawit kini sudah berada untuk penanaman semula generasi ketiga tetapi sekiranya tidak ada penyelesaian untuk menghapuskan Ganoderma ini, sesetengah syarikat sudah mula untuk melabur ke negara-negara jiran yang tidak terjejas oleh penyakit ini. “Ia satu isu yang perlu diambil tindakan segera memandangkan Malaysia adalah pengeluar terbesar minyak sawit dunia, menguasai 50 peratus pengeluaran global.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Kinabatangan crash claims four lives

Kota Kinabatangan: Four passengers of a four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle died on the spot when it collided with a timber-laden lorry in Tongod, about 140km from here, on Wednesday. They were driver Rimin Bin Tuakal, 43, son Mohd Radhie Rimin, 19, Normin Itin, 51, and his two-year-old son Mohd Ajimi Normin.

Kinabatangan Police Chief, DSP Jaini Abdul Kadir, said Friday the crash occurred about 4pm in a hilly area when the 4WD was heading uphill and the lorry, descending. He said the bodies were sent to the Kinabatangan Hospital for post-mortem. The 24-year-old lorry driver was released on police bail after his statement was recorded.

In another fatal accident on Thursday, Jaini said a 70-year-old elderly woman also died on the spot when the car she was in collided with another vehicle at Km 93 of Sandakan-Lahad Datu road at 7.15pm. The deceased was with her 80-year-old husband who was driving the car, their 39-year-old son and a 13-year-old granddaughter, and were turning right heading to Kg Sentosa when it collided with the other vehicle coming from Lahad Datu. Jaini said the deceased's husband and granddaughter escaped unhurt but her son broke his arm and leg. The deceased was sent to the district hospital for post-mortem. 

 Source Daily Express April 3, 2010

Polis Lahad Datu berbasikal

LAHAD DATU: Polis Lahad Datu mewujudkan rondaan berbasikal membabitkan polis, penduduk dan agensi sukarela yang lain sebagai langkah proaktif untuk bersama-sama membanteras jenayah. Rondaan membabitkan penduduk setempat, anggota Rela dan polis yang beroperasi dari sebuah pondok polis yang didirikan di Bandar Sri Perdana itu dijangka dapat memendekkan tempoh respons polis terhadap kejadian jenayah daripada 30 minit kepada 10 minit. “Kami akan kembangkan konsep ini ke seluruh Sabah,” kata 

Noor Rashid kepada pemberita selepas majlis pelancaran Bandar Selamat Sri Perdana, di sini, semalam. Katanya, ia sebahagian daripada kaedah proaktif polis untuk bekerjasama dengan masyarakat bagi sama-sama membanteras perlakuan jenayah, termasuk pengedaran dadah. Katanya, kaedah berkenaan juga untuk mendidik dan menyedarkan masyarakat bahawa masalah jenayah adalah masalah semua pihak dan bukan polis saja meskipun polis yang memainkan peranan utama. 

Sumber Bernama 2010/04/04

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Iklan Jawatan Kosong

Sekiranya anda seorang yang berdedikasi, bermotivasi tinggi dan inginkan persekitaran kerja yang stabil dan berdaya-saing, anda dipelawa menyertai ANGKASA cawangan Sabah. Kekosongan jawatan adalah seperti berikut :
    ANGKASA (Cawangan Sabah)
  1. Pegawai Pelancongan Koperasi Sekolah
  2. Penolong Pegawai Pra Audit
  3. Penolong Pegawai Sekkop
[Sila Klik] bagi paparan kelayakan dan pengalaman bidang tugas bagi jawatan di atas

Permohonan Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah

Warganegara Malaysia yang berasal dari Negeri Sabah dan Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan dan salah seorang ibu atau bapanya dilahirkan di Sabah atau Wilayah Persekutuan Labuan yang mendapat keputusan cemerlang di peringkat SPM / STPM atau yang setaraf / Matrikulasi, adalah dipelawa memohon Biasiswa Kerajaan Negeri Sabah untuk mengikuti kursus-kursus di peringkat Diploma / Ijazah Sarjana Muda di Institusi-institusi Pengajian Tinggi yang diiktiraf oleh Kerajaan. Sila klik di sini untuk maklumat lanjut atau layari laman web

Rokok ada sel darah babi

KUALA LUMPUR - Seorang pakar akademik dari Australia semalam mendedahkan satu hasil kajian di Belanda baru-baru ini yang mendakwa menemui sel darah merah babi sebagai kandungan penyekat bahan kimia dalam puntung rokok.

Profesor Simon Chapman dari Universiti Sydney dilaporkan berkata, kajian itu mendapati babi digunakan dalam 185 jenis industri termasuk penemuan sel darah merah haiwan itu dalam penapis (filter) rokok. Kenyataan beliau yang disiarkan oleh akhbar Daily Telegraph kelmarin menjelaskan, hasil kajian tersebut pastinya mengejutkan perokok yang beragama Islam serta Yahudi yang diharamkan memakan babi. Menurutnya, setakat ini satu jenama rokok yang dijual di Greece telah didapati mengandungi darah babi.

Sumber Dari Kosmo Online

100,000 to undergo ICT training in Sabah

SANDAKAN: Sabah’s target to have 100,000 persons undergo the ICT training programme by year-end is achievable with the support and participation of the participants, said Resource Development and Information Technology Minister Dr Yee Moh Chai.

He said the target was in line with the objective of Information, Communications, Culture and Arts Minister Datuk Seri Dr Rais Yatim.

“We have started the ICT training program for all levels for five years. This year is the sixth year. We said that this is an achievement but we would not have reached our target not without your participation,” said Yee told representatives and participants from 36 organisations, mainly from Sandakan, Beluran, Kinabantangan and Sukau at a certificates presentation ceremony for the ICT/Conversational English/Korea/Japanese Courses here yesterday.

The ICT Training program started in 2005 with 712 participants; 7,515 in 2006; 21,526 in 2007; 22,958 in 2008 and 28,142 in 2009.

The trainings in 2009 benefited 1,993 trainees from Sandakan, 378 (Beluran), 421 (Kinabatangan), 432 (Sukau) and 24,918 (other zones throughout Sabah).

The courses offered are Basic Animation (FLASH), Basic Computer Studies & Internet Applications, Chinese Word Processing, Graphic Design Level 1 & 2, Movie Editing, On-Line Shopping & Income Tax Declarations, Photoshop Level 1 & 2, Presentation (MS POWERPOINT Level 1 & 2, Publishing (MS Publisher), Spreadsheet (MS Excel) Level 1 & 2, UBS Accounting Level 1 & 2, Web Page Design (MS Frontpage), Webpage Design (Dreamweaver) Level 1 & 2, and Word Processing (MS WORD).
The Conversational English trainings benefited over 4,000 trainees from 2006 to 2009.