Friday, February 10, 2012

The Oldest Bus Company in Sandakan Will Be Closed

Labuk Road Bus Co Sdn Bhd, the oldest bus company in the Sandakan district will cease operations after 56 years due to rising costs for it had been losing passengers to mini buses. Manager Henry Chu said the company tried to stay afloat but could not cope with intense operating costs due to stiff competition from mini buses.

“As the oldest bus company in the district, of course, it breaks my heart to wind down operations. “But I do not have any choice as we cannot continue to bear mounting costs and we have to close before incurring more losses,” he told Bernama.

He, however, did not say when the company will cease operations, but it is likely to be later this year. Labuk Road Bus Co has a fleet of 30 buses plying in the radius of 25km from Sandakan town and employs 60 people. “Their welfare will come first before the company ceases operations,” said Chu. He said the company had not sought government assistance to continue operations.

However, he urged the government to stop issuing more mini bus permits for there were already too many mini buses on the road. Meanwhile, bus driver Hussin Olong, 38, said he was saddened over his employer’s decision to cease operations for he had been working for the company for 18 years.

“I hope my employer will find ways to continue operations for the employees are very proud of working with one of the oldest bus company in Sabah,” he added.

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